When Nancy and I left as newlyweds for the Middle East in 1978, neither of us imagined it would be home for the majority of our married life. But looking back, neither of us would have it any other way. Since then it has been my privilege to design Christian literature all over the world, and to speak in training conferences on design and creativity in more countries than I can remember.  Although we unexpectedly relocated to the US at the end of 2017, this work continues through the Bible Society of Egypt.

Along this journey, we’ve been blessed with two amazing children, who are married to two equally amazing spouses. And what can I say about our grandchildren? Words just cannot express.

Those of you who are grandparents know exactly what I mean.

I am privileged to work with the Bible Society of Egypt, which is part of the United Bible Societies. This is a global fellowship of 146 national Bible societies worldwide serving to make the Scriptures available to everyone in a language they can understand and at a price they can afford.

The Bible Society of Egypt is the largest publisher of Arabic Bibles in the world. It produces and distributes about 2 million pieces of Scripture literature each year.


This is a general overview to the Bible Society’s work of bringing God’s Word to the nation.
The Bible Society offers a unique literacy program based on Bible passages to illiterates in Egypt. Approximately 15,000 participate in this program each year.
Ramez Atallah, General Secretary, gives a few recollections of significant developments in the Bible Society’s role in bringing God’s Word to Egypt.
“In His Image” includes events for children, teenagers and the entire family. It features a Bible knowledge competition and a talent show in which teenagers minister to their peers. The winners are given valuable prizes.