Project Description

This was an illustration drawn for an article I wrote for a short-lived UBS e-publication called Creativity & Design.  If you would like to read the article, click here.

The title comes from the idea that creativity means pushing past obvious solutions. These are the ones everyone else comes up with. We push past these to the next stage of solutions, and then after that to a “third third” level of ideas. This is where true creativity lies. The concept comes the book Think Better by author Tim Hurson.

I liked the idea of showing this by adding board extensions before a diver takes the leap.

  1. A pencil sketch was drawn, based on a stock photo showing someone just about to dive into the water.
  2. The sketch was scanned into Photoshop and then painted. I like the Photoshop brushes that let an artist render textures of tiny hairs.
  3. Once the figure was complete, a background was added. Colors in the title were chosen to match the artwork.

I love illustration and would like to do more of it!