Project Description

Sunday Gospel Readings is a series of three books using what is known as Lectio Divina; a way to meet with God through reflection
and prayer based on Scripture. It dates back to early church fathers around 300AD. There are four stages to this method:

  1. Lectio: This is reading the primary Scripture text thoughtfully and prayerfully.
  2. Meditatio: This is meditation on what has been read.
  3. Oratio: This is a time of guided conversation with God.
  4. Contemplatio: This stage involves additional Scripture passages upon which to reflect.

The first part of the design process involved creating a cover graphic that communicates the four stages of Lectio Divina in a way that reflects the classicism of this ancient method of Scripture engagement. The second part was combining this with three photographs that each communicate the idea of shining light (front and back covers shown). The third part was to carry over the cover graphics into the interior design.

You can download one of the book contents by clicking here.