Project Description

You’re Not Alone was a 32-page booklet I was asked to write, illustrate and design for Bible societies in the Caribbean. It was also published by the Bible Society of Australia. This was written and designed for children from broken homes, under the following headings:

  1. So It’s Happened
  2. No One Understands Me
  3. It’s My Fault
  4. I Feel Abandoned
  5. What Lies Ahead?

Most sections end with a blank letter where readers can pen their responses to God, thus interacting with the text. Everything was designed to resemble a journal that a child could either go through in a single sitting or in several sittings, either with or without a counselor. The text was written to be a personal message to the reader. It was set on lined pages, as in a notebook. Typography was chosen to suggest handwritten fonts (or in the case of section headings, directly scrawled in pencil). Illustrations were drawn to resemble line drawings in a sketchbook.

You can download a PDF of the interior pages by clicking here.