My current project is researching, writing, designing and illustrating a book that has been on my heart for over 20 years. It is being done for the Bible Society of Egypt, which will make all materials available to the other 146 national Bible societies in the United Bible Societies fellowship.

The working title is The Most Amazing Book in the World.

A unique feature of this book by design is that it is both global and local. The first 40 pages are global. They are applicable anywhere. But the last 8 page section is local. It is entitled Our Story. This is where a national Bible society can tell the story of how the Bible came to be in their language.

My hope and prayer is that we will one day see how the Swahili Bible, the Chinese Bible, the French Bible and others came to us.

You can see the proposed content and flow of the book by clicking here or the image on the left.

We are in the final stages of gaining permissions for imagery.  A website where national Bible Societies will be able to download all graphics files will soon be launched for the United Bible Societies fellowship.