Project Description

The Bible Society of Egypt had published the Sermon on the Mount in various forms over the years. Usually they were text-only publications with a slight overlay of graphics. When I began working on a new version of this publication, an early decision was to produce it in a gift book format with graphics having a dominant role in communicating the message.

The Sermon on the Mount (chapters 5-7 in the Gospel of Matthew) can be easily divided into short themes. We placed one theme on each page spread. Then the Bible Society editorial staff choose one phrase or idea from each theme to communicate in a graphic on the opposite page. My goal was to merge Arabic calligraphy and photographic imagery into single visual units, as if the calligraphy was part of the image rather than being mere caption.

To date, the Bible Society has done multiple print runs in larger hardback and softback editions, as well as a smaller “ministry” edition for mass distributions. During Pope Francis’ visit to Egypt in 2017, 30,000 copies to all who attended his final meeting in a Cairo soccer stadium.

In addition, many bi-lingual editions that have been produced: English/Arabic, French/Arabic, Spanish/Arabic, Turkish/Arabic, Urdu/Arabic, Finnish/Arabic and others.

If you would like to download a low resolution PDF of this publication, click here.

If you would like an English explanation of the Arabic graphics, click here.