Project Description

The Right Use of Power was a 16-page booklet that I was asked to write, design and photograph for Bible societies in sub-Saharan Africa. Plagued by military coups and tribal conflicts, this set out what the Bible says about the use and abuse of power. The text was divided into three sections:

  1. To Those With Authority
  2. To Those Under Authority
  3. Our Model of Authority

The cover design uses an African shield for the letter O in front of a spear and a mace, symbols of authority in the wider region.

The interior was printed in two colors, using duotones for all photographic images. I was helped in recruiting models for the interior photos by the wife of the Ambassador of Lesotho in Egypt. I asked for someone to be our stereotypical African ruler, thinking she would recruit someone resembling Nelson Mandela. Instead, she recruited someone more akin to Idi Amin!

If you would like to download a low resolution PDF of this publication, click here.